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V3 V200 Appliance
Simplifying Virtual Desktop Deployment & Management

V3 V200 Appliance

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The Overland Storage V3 VDI server platform is a turn-key, purpose built and custom tuned appliance that delivers on the industry’s original promise of high performance virtual desktop infrastructure.

Each V3 appliance ships ready to drop into an existing VMware environment and begin serving up workloads in an hour or less. Overland Storage offers a range of appliances with densities ranging from 100 to 200 virtual Windows desktops per appliance to exactly fit your organization’s needs.  Employees will love working on virtual desktops guaranteed to run two to eight times faster than physical desktops. System Administrators will love how easy it is to scale capacity, reduce management costs, and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

A V3 deployment empowers IT professionals to offer end users the flexible work-styles they demand while at the same time managing the wide range of devices and cloud technologies required to support today’s on-demand world.  It’s all part of the no compromise, next generation VDI solution from Overland Storage.

With This V3 You Can...

  • Quickly deploy virtual desktops as part of your enterprise infrastructure
  • Experience performance 2-8x faster than your local desktop even on a remote connection
  • Manage Persistent Desktops with Desktop Cloud Orchestrator (DCO) which easily creates, deletes, enables/disables or provisions them as failover/restore pools
  • Improve TCO by replacing high-density disk arrays with highly-efficient V3 Appliances

About the V3 Appliances

V3 VDI appliances dramatically simplify, streamline and cost-reduce infrastructure administration while improving the quality of user experience and shortening data access time.

The V3 Appliance is a hyper-converged turn-key infrastructure that integrates compute, storage, network interface, hypervisor infrastructure, and powerful management software. V3 technology eliminates the performance bottlenecks, installation problems and unpredictable scalability of traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

The benefits and cost savings are dramatic compared with both physical desktops and traditional, multivendor VDI. Users experience both superior performance and increased productivity. Total cost of ownership is significantly lower including acquisition, maintenance, administration, power consumption and cooling.

The Complete Solution Available Now from Overland Storage.
Overland delivers the complete turn-key solution including V3 VDI appliances, VMware licenses, SnapServer Network Attached Storage (NAS), and SnapServer Scale-out NAS. Overland and its partners also provide pre and post-sale services including architecting, pre-sales engineering, installation, training, consulting and customization.

Why VDI?
VDI allows organizations to break the physical laptop and workstation hardware replacement cycle by using server-based virtualization technology and low-cost thin clients or users' own mobile devices (BYOD). VDI has many advantages over physical PCs including:

  • Lower TCO over three to five years
  • Much greater, simpler capability for deploying, managing and securing
  • Easier for IT staff to deploy and manage large numbers of desktops
  • Enhanced flexibility to meet new and changing requirements
  • Decreased total energy consumption and heat output

Traditional VDI are often complex, expensive, and risky. V3 appliances solve these problems and deliver virtual desktop success quicker, faster and more scalably.

V3 Appliances vs. Traditional VDI

Traditional VDI Weaknesses The V3 Appliance Solution
Lengthy, complex, expensive, disruptive, and unpredictable installation with multiple vendors, systems, and infrastructures V3 solutions are standalone appliances with onboard compute, storage, licensing, and management. Arrive pre-provisioned to enable installation in hours, not days.
Poor performance & user experience V3 appliances eliminate latency by locating compute, storage, and management on the same bus in the same chassis.
Complex storage infrastructure requirements Primary, high-performance storage is onboard. Extended storage can be a simple, low-cost LAN-based NAS appliance
Burdensome administration, management, and training requirements Built-in management software: Desktop Cloud Orchestrator, simplifies management, eliminates extensive training requirements
Vulnerability to outages Local pools, local storage, and local replication deliver maximum uptime and business continuity instead of reliance on WAN availability.
Unpredictable cost of scalability Logical appliance-based building blocks with integrated storage eliminate costly and unpredictable compute and SAN upgrades

Superior Manageability with V3 Desktop Cloud Orchestrator (DCO).
DCO is a comprehensive management solution that supports pool creation, pool migration and policy-based administration for failover, backup, and reporting. DCO delivers simplification thereby eliminating arduous, expensive training required by industry-standard hypervisor administration tools. DCO is bundled into the cost of a V3 appliance and it includes everything a desktop administrator needs to manage desktops in a single, secure, centralized console.

Secure Desktop Computing.
V3 appliances help reduce security vulnerabilities because data is never transferred to or from desktops. Administrator-controlled access is available in real-time. Compared to a physical desktop that can be lost or stolen, V3 VDI-based data remains in the data center instead of on a vulnerable endpoint device.


Predictable and Consistent Performance

Predictable and Consistent Performance

V3 appliance enable guaranteeing users experience 2 to 8 times faster performance compared to an average local desktop PC. V3 appliances deliver the fastest desktop cloud infrastructure in the industry for any desktop type, large image or small, persistent or non-persistent. V3 customers enjoy a virtual desktop as their primary desktop because performance is so high. V3 hosted virtual desktops can run any application, large or small, and give end users the freedom to have their very own custom virtual desktop. V3 appliances enable user applications to run at unprecedented speeds, resulting in simplified IT management and greatly increased end-user productivity and satisfaction.

Ease and Flexibility of Deployment

Ease and Flexibility of Deployment

A V3 appliance empowers IT professionals to offer end users the option of the flexible work-styles they need while at the same time managing the wide range of devices and cloud technologies required to support today’s on-demand world.

Overland Storage with its V3 appliance simplifies desktop virtualization with innovative technology that makes it possible to achieve virtual desktop performance that is 200%-800% faster than physical desktops, hosted from a single 2U server appliance. This means that companies will save money and time using V3′s drop-in appliance due to the fact that it is pre-optimized to guarantee performance, utilization, and availability. The high-density V3 appliance supports 100 – 200 virtual desktops with minimal IT support; it is platform agnostic and integrates with virtually any existing or new infrastructure.

Breakthrough Operational Simplicity

Breakthrough Operational Simplicity

V3 takes the risk out of desktop virtualization cost estimating by eliminating unknown variables. With a V3 appliance, you get guaranteed performance at a fixed cost per user that predictably scales.

Traditional VDI management is performed by a combination of SAN, networking, and core infrastructure administrators. This approach is unnecessarily complicated and expensive because of the large number of people involved. Moreover, it leaves desktop administrators completely out of the equation. V3’s simplified architecture returns control back to desktop administrators who can now manage thousands of desktops, from either centralized or decentralized locations.

Each appliance is compatible with V3 Desktop Cloud Orchestrator™ (V3 DCO) which provides a simple user-friendly interface for managing dedicated virtual desktop pools. It also provides enhanced functionality such as failover and restore via V3’s Optimized Desktop Allocation™ (V3 ODA). V3 DCO communicates with VMware View and vCenter to enable management of your dedicated virtual desktop pools.



Just add additional appliances to existing infrastructure to grow total system capacity.

The V3 appliance can easily scale to accommodate new and changing business and desktop needs. With its seamless integration into existing environments or new installations, the V3 appliance can deliver a solution that grows as your company grows. Need to expand your desktop cloud infrastructure to support another 100 to 200 users? Simply add another 2U appliance to your current infrastructure.

Because the V3 appliance’s density and performance is so high, deployments result in lower sprawl with efficient machines that “drop in” to scale from 100’s, to 1000’s, even 10’s of thousands without compromising V3’s Performance Guarantees.

Secure Desktop Computing

Secure Desktop Computing

By replacing high-density disk arrays and separate compute components with more cost-efficient V3 appliances, total cost of ownership over multiple years is significantly reduced.

Your cost benefits are derived from the way V3 implements storage, server and networking resources.. By replacing high-density disk arrays with more cost-efficient V3 appliances, operational costs are lowered. V3’s exceptional appliance density results in lower sprawl, reduced energy consumption and cooling costs; more efficient machines result in lower total cost of ownership without sacrificing performance, availability or utilization. And depending on the type of desktops you are replacing, V3 appliances provide maximum savings compared with higher-cost physical PCs.

Features & Benefits of V3 Turn-key Virtual Desktop Appliances:

Key Feature Function Benefit
Storage & compute architected and integrated by V3 for maximum performance Enable significantly better performing and responsive desktop speed. Superior user experience to physical desktops
Accommodates all types of users from shift workers to executives Supports persistent and non-persistent desktops Migrate entire workforce to lower-cost, higherperformance VDI
Purpose-built appliance Storage, compute, and management contained within a single rack-mounted device Dramatic simplification of deployment, management, and scaling versus cobbledtogether solutions
V3 appliances arrive pre-provisioned onsite Shorten time to deployment Minimize deployment time, cost, and disruption
A single, user-friendly integrated, built-in management console provided Simplify and scale management of V3 appliances Ease of management, no special training required to manage virtual desktop infrastructure
Built-in fault tolerance Local pool replication and failover managed by DCO Maximum uptime and business continuity
Dramatically simplified data storage Built-in high performance storage with optional and simple NAS for additional storage requirements No expensive, proprietary, or complex storage infrastructures to install, manage, and maintain
Highly secure desktop computing No data is transferred or stored on users' desktops. Administrator-controlled access is real-time Complete control over security
Dramatically superior TCO and flexibility versus physical desktops Compared to Physical Desktops:
  • Less hardware to buy
  • Less training
  • Lower management overhead
  • Better user experience
  • Higher reliability
  • Less power & cooling
  • Better user experience
Better performance to IT SLA's at a lower cost and better ROI

Technical Specifications:

  V50 Appliance V100 Appliance V200 Appliance
  V50 Appliance V100 Appliance V200 Appliance
Best Fit For Distributed workgroups or small offices of up to 50 users of any type Distributed workgroups or centralized offices of up to 100 users of any type Distributed workgroups or centralized offices of up to 200 users
Concurrent Users Up to 50 Up to 100 Up to 200
System Scalability Up to 10,000 Desktops in increments of 50, 100 or 200 Up to 10,000 Desktops in increments of 50, 100 or 200 Up to 10,000 Desktops in increments of 50, 100 or 200
Form Factor 2U Rackmount 2U Rackmount 2U Rackmount
Processors 2x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630v2 (2.3 GHz, 15MB L3 Cache, 80W) 2x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2695V2 (2.40 GHz,
30MB L3 Cache, 115W)
2x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2695V2 (2.40 GHz,
30MB L3 Cache, 115W)
Memory 96GB 128GB 256GB
Power Supply 2 x 750W AC 2 x 750W AC 2 x 750W AC
Cooling Redundant Hotswap Cooling Fans Redundant Hotswap Cooling Fans Redundant Hotswap Cooling Fans
Storage 1.2TB Solid State Storage 1.92TB Solid State Storage 3.84TB Solid State Storage
Network Connectivity 4 x GbE 4 x GbE 4 x GbE
Optional Network Interface Dual Port 10GbE I/O Module, SFP+ Dual Port 10GbE I/O Module, SFP+ Dual Port 10GbE I/O Module, SFP+
Server Offload Card Optional Teradici APEX 2800LP PCoIP Teradici APEX 2800LP PCoIP Teradici APEX 2800LP PCoIP

V3 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution:

Legacy Desktop Virtualization has been around for many years and have provided benefits that include centralized management, lower operating expenses, increased security, computing availability, and efficient application deployment. However, fast performance and scalability have been conspicuously absent from that list. Today, the V3 appliance architecture makes it possible to add measurable performance improvements and high scalability to the value proposition of virtual desktops.

Increased Performance.
V3 appliances deliver the fastest desktop cloud infrastructure in the industry today.

V3 appliances use PCIe-based solid state as V3-certified storage. This provides faster access time for working data, and lower context switching, which minimizes unnecessary CPU usage when switching between applications to overcome the problems of slow performance and poor end user experience associated with VDI.

By keeping working memory (OS and Temp files) closer to the CPU, access latency is reduced by an order of magnitude while providing optimal use of local storage. This architecture only leverages expensive shared storage (SANs and NAS) for persistent (user) data. So what does V3 mean to its Customers?

V3 Guaranteed Performance: Every V3 appliance is guaranteed to outperform high-performance physical desktops.

V3 Guaranteed Utilization: Every V3 appliance is guaranteed to maintain superior performance, even at full capacity with heavy workload users.

V3 Guaranteed Availability: Every V3 appliance is delivered with V3's Management & Optimized Desktop Allocation ("ODA") Tools, which enable Customers to migrate and access their persistent or non-persistent desktops in the Cloud, either locally or remotely, without sacrificing performance.

Virtual Desktop Acceleration

Dramatic TCO Savings: Dramatic TCO savings are derived from the way the V3 Appliance is implemented and deployed. Replacing high-density disk arrays with more cost-efficient V3 Appliances lowers energy and operational costs as well as capital or "cost per seat" expenditures.

Improved Manageability.
Legacy virtual desktop management is performed by a combination of SAN, networking, and core infrastructure administrators, which is complicated and expensive because of the large numbers of people involved. It leaves desktop administrators completely out of the equation. V3's simplified architecture returns control back to desktop administrators who can scale management to encompass thousands of desktops, from either centralized or decentralized locations.

Improved Scalability.
Because V3 Appliance density and performance are so high, deployments result in lower sprawl with efficient machines that "drop in" to scale from 100's, to 1000's even 10's of thousands without compromising V3's Performance Guarantees.

V3's Optimized Technology stack includes V3 Certified Storage™, the V3 Local Storage Management (LSM) Framework™, and the Local V3 Manager™. V3 Certified Storage utilizes best-of-breed Solid State technology, which is configured optimally using best practices for local storage in V3 Appliances.

V3's Optimized Technology stack

The V3 LSM leverages best practices to bridge optimized two-way communications between Certified Storage and Appliance managers both local and remote. The V3 Manager monitors, manages, and optimizes the Certified Storage for optimal configuration and reporting. Health and Performance are reported and delivered either to V3's Local Management interface, or to VMware's vCenter™ via a plugin.

V3 Deployment


Figure 4 has an annual operating cost of under $4,000. In contrast, legacy VDI annual costs exceed $4,500 and physical desktop annual costs exceed $5,000. Figure 5 shows that the cost to deploy a V3 appliance is significantly better than legacy VDI and far, far superior too a do-it-yourself VDI solution.

Figure 4 and Figure 5 demonstrate that V3 appliances have a significant annual savings per desktop compared with legacy VDI and physical desktop devices. V3 is the future of server hosted virtual desktops.

The ROI of V3 Appliances


Download the V3 Appliances Datasheet (PDF).